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Whip Up an Elevated Beurre Blanc | Cannabis Recipe

Whip Up an Elevated Beurre Blanc | Cannabis Recipe

Champagne, citrus and cannabis add bright notes.

This is a modern twist on a simple French classic beurre blanc or white butter sauce. In this variation, we are going to be using some cannabis butter, which not only adds a nice kick, but a subtle flavor as well.

While you would normally use white wine for this, we decided to go with some Champagne and a bit of citrus for a slight bite that stands out against the richness of the sauce.

The trick to this sauce is low heat and a lot of attention. Once you reduce the wine, shallots and lemon juice, you need to cut the heat down to low so that it’s just warm enough to melt the butter. If it’s too hot, the sauce will break.

– Read the entire article at Seattle Times.

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