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Legal, on the shelves and set for boom

In the past few weeks, food products containing hemp seed or oil, such as chocolate, brownies, cereal and even beer, have been launched.

Examples include Western Australia’s Rocky Ridge Brewing Co., which has collaborated with hemp grower Chris Blake to make a hemp beer, Dr. Weedy’s Hemp Ale.

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based The Wild Food Group has launched ‘Hemp-nola’, a hemp-based cereal blend containing goji berries and diced dates. 

More to come

And according to Jeff Clements, marketing manager of Hemp Foods Australia, consumers will soon see a greater variety of hemp food products on the shelves.

Hemp is more versatile and delicious than chia seeds or soy. Australia can expect to see hemp cookies, cereals, beer, butter, breads, burgers, dips, spreads and milk,”​ he said.

“Hemp seeds, protein, oil and flowers are highly nutritious sources of plant-based protein and omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids,” ​he added.

Paul Benhaim, CEO of Hemp Foods, was one of the driving forces behind the campaign to get the product approved for food and nutritional use.

He told us earlier this year: “We’ve seen how the chia industry has grown; we believe that the potential for hemp is significantly larger than that due to its versatility (and) easy protein digestibility, containing all the amino acids and of course, the wonderful omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.​” 

Hemp day

The firm currently has an approximately 80% market share of the industry, which is currently valued in the tens of millions of dollars. It sells hemp flour, hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and hemp oil in its online store.

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