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Getting Your Pot From MOM (Mail Order Marijuana)

Enjoying some fine cannabis of the BC Chemo & Violator Kush kinds from Gold River Rosin. Gotta love getting your medication in the mail !
These videos contain medical cannabis use & are meant for (18+) ONLY.
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  1. Man, still waiting to get back into Gold River Rosin. I'm gunna keep emailing them though so they don't forget me….😬. Karen is a baker, eh bro! That's cool. My family just opened up a bakery back home. We've all been helping out quite a bit… Getting fat always taking the leftovers home . Btw, I find the Skunk Phenos r coming back in. I've had quite a few strains with A skunk or afghani lineage in it. 😬✌️❤️

  2. excellent effort on the burpee's eh!
    also noticed that both times you'd ground up your nug's and were going to transfer to small container you took off lid and went to dump contents then realized you had to screw off next section…
    good tip on drinking room temp liquids to hydrate on hot days as the body needs to warm everything up to body temp to absorb it…..did you read that in the Farmers Almanac
    bless up eh, enjoy the long weekend and days off,
    glad to see city folk taking a break….now about that 1 year/100 burpee a day challenge your doing

  3. Hey man I'm smoking some Caramell candy Kush and it's pretty damn sticky also. I'm thinking about running 5 ounces or so to make some bubble does it come out good when you make bubble?

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