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CTV News Power Play – Ontario Government Clogs Cannabis Access Ahead of Regulations

Jodie Emery discusses the Ontario government’s framework for legal cannabis.

Power Play host Don Martin asks all the right questions, but gets no real answers from Finance Minister Charles Sousa. Rather than integrate the existing cannabis market into simple regulation, the province has chosen a path of running their own stores in a limited and slow roll-out, and addressing the black market with a continued, expensive drug war.

Jodie Emery offered surprise reacting to the complicated government plan with a common sense rebuttal. She’s scheduled to testify before the House as a cannabis expert on Friday.


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  1. this is a clasic example of how politics work. never answer the questions just keep on preeching to your ppl. why does it work every single time? coz ppl are to polite/pussy to interrupt the guy and point out thats hes dodging the questions and switching topic. and why would you not allow edibles? edibles are safer even than vape and i dont need to wait for studies to come to that conclusion

  2. I wish they were so conscientious with Big Pharma drugs and the Fentanyl Producer. The government is only creating more problems for everyone. What a bunch of greedy idiots. They should just follow the dispensary model that has been implemented for over 20 years with the Vancouver Island Compassion Society and the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club for starters for starters. I won't purchase any cannabis online. I want to see what I am buying. I will not use any Health Canada approved establishment due to the list of Health Canada approved herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Trudeau is a lying piece of garbage just as his father.

  3. why should the goverment take ownership when the canna comunity has built this way of governing them selves with very little intellligent input from goverment dicks this just proves that as in britain we too are govern by philostines

  4. Illicit activity that you wont recognize as small business, stupid asses. Their retail outlets will fail horribly. No one in the culture will walk through their antiseptic doors and purchase from uneducated staff on finer points of this recreational drug. Not even addressing all the edibles, concentrates that are so popular and no going back now folks! They have totally ignored the Colorado model and this Government monopoly is a disgusting disgrace. To spend millions of $$ ON MORE RULES REGULATIONS, BUILDING DISPENSARIES WHEN ALL THAT AND MORE IS IN PLACE NOW is totally irresponsible. Hundreds of Canadians involved but they dont have a chance here to get on the bandwagon to sell what they created in first place. Wow they sell alcohol in grocery stores, commercials all over media and we treat that abusive substance like its candy, but we have to be punished with unmarked cannabis products, God help us we will save the children!! They have failed to keep alcohol out of the hands of youth. Wow 140 dispensaries in Toronto now, and Wynne thinks 140 for Province will do! As a Cannabis connoisseur I would never smoke government grown tainted weed. I trust the small craft farmers to supply my smoke and I will keep doing so. All this will drive market deeper underground where we have always been. I should have a choice as a consumer not be forced to smoke a product grown by the same people that have prosecuted me for years – I think not!! Cannabis Community unite!!

  5. Why do so many of the government's bamboozled, self-proclaimed 'experts' keep on promulgating their subjective, fabricated pseudo-harms of Cannabis; while ignoring all the objective harms that alcohol causes (cancers, brain damage, social, mental and other health problems…)?

    By definition, alcohol is a drug, a recreational-only-drug…

    Unfortunately, most people don't think of it as so, or for what it really is. In fact, it is worse than any other drug; albeit accepted by the prodigious populaces as a go to social lubricant or relaxant. It is available in profusion and it's harms are one of the two most pernicious, of all drugs, but wait…

    Let's protect the children! "Hide the truth, protect the youth!"

    – Alcohol causes cancer and causes brain damage
    – Cannabis cures cancer and causes neurogenesis

    – Alcohol causes aggression, violence and is very toxic
    – Cannabis causes relaxation, calmness and is even endogenous (anandamide)

    – Alcohol takes lives
    – Cannabis saves lives

    Alcohol: We use it and abuse it, to recreate, desecrate, defecate and procreate, too often unskilled and unwilled.

    Alcohol hospitalized more teens in Canada, than any other drug [referenced from Canadian government site] in 2015 / 2016. But still, they fabricate their logic-defying rhetoric and proclaim that more teens use Cannabis in Canada, than anywhere else…

    Well, effing, EFF me!

    That's a DAMN GOOD THING! They should all be encouraged to abstain from Alcohol and if they choose to be humans (during early adulthood) and occasionally inebriate, then they need to be properly educated in making the right choices for a healthier choice in life, in being able to weigh all the the benefits of Cannabis vs all the harms of alcohol.

    Instead, our government tends to see things from the antipodes of logic and they use sophistry, not science!

    I'll stop my rant at that, for now… mofo!

    Note: I have nothing against people who drink, but I do have something against people who drink and then slander Cannabis and Cannabis users. I find it to be myopic and hypocritical, for which I'm sure most bureaucrats like to drink their liquid drugs, from a bottle.

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