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California is Celebrating the End of Weed Prohibition with Cannabis Cocktails

California is Celebrating the End of Weed Prohibition with Cannabis Cocktails

Prohibition is over, again! That’s how Californians are hailing the state’s recent legalization of marijuana—and it’s gotten plenty of creative juices flowing.

The response to the Jan. 1 decision echoes the reaction in San Francisco on Dec. 5, 1933 to the news that Congress had repealed the 21st Amendment, lifting a 13-year-long nationwide ban on alcohol. With legal booze flowing again, fourteen trucks hauling wine and gin rolled through the city, proudly delivering their cargo to the Mayor at City Hall.

Modern bartenders have been celebrating by mixing cannabis cocktails at parties and on restaurant menus across California. The northern California restaurant group Tacolicious is holding a “Crab and Cannabis” feast on Jan. 31, offering a spread of local herb-infused Dungeness crab, Mexican-style clam chowder with charred poblanos, winter chicory salad, horchata pot de creme, and cannabis-infused tequila drinks.

– Read the entire article at Quartzy.

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